Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I have a A4 paper give you a high performance [1]

Write a summary, in particular, monthly, year-end summary, almost every manager have to do. Years in particular, the turn, not only to sum up his one-month or a year gains and losses, but also according to a summary of each of their subordinates to evaluate their performance. Managers seem to have such an experience - that is, summing up the contents of the terms of the scope and the more detailed, more easily superior to the performance of its assessment of managers. In other words, summarize the content of the more detailed, more standardized, more scientific performance appraisal.

The most famous in the international human resources consulting company boss (of course, China's), he is most proud of their company with a full set of human resources evaluation system. I've seen them on "leadership of the assessment system", how do you say? "Vastness," "huge," "Fine," "informative" ... ... the use of such words to describe when I first saw this system do not feel a bit too, in a large number of default chart title with the assessment before "Leadership" is no longer a "sensible" thing, but one by one "real" measures that can be assessed.

In Jingpei aside, I can not help having some doubts, our management really need to "fine quantization" to the point that it? Regardless of what kind of methods and tools, management, nature is still "to raise people's labor productivity", written summary Ye Hao, performance evaluation worth mentioning, is not the same for this purpose? Why do we want to managers so-called "scientific assessment," and let our managers and staff to quantify the company designed the maze then travel? In the knowledge economy comes, if we use the "stopwatch" thinking to management, evaluation of knowledge workers, is not it also be behind the times?

I have a friend in a foreign company, in my opinion he is a "scientific management" of the advocate and practitioner, his greatest pleasure is in his department's officers in accordance with specifications and evaluation arrangements. However, he recently told me that he sent them to feel more and more human resources summary table and the evaluation form is a work of passion, "kill" -

"Do you want to, ah, over the past year have so many thoughts and feelings can be reflected in the conclusion where it is not kill what is it? In all a good evaluation system is planned, how can I find and encourage those whim of the people? our evaluation system just for the encouragement, reward 'past credit' and make up 'past mistakes'? Why can not the management of human resources in the 'future' perspective then? "

His words encouraged me to do a "little" experiment - I asked my workload of its addition to the basic assessment and quality assessment in addition, give me a piece of A4 paper, set the content and writing without prior specification, only asking them to write their true thoughts month.

Do you think, what I see -

It was the basis of the workload this month to write it again, the other did not say anything;

In this A4 paper, I saw two people, one is "just work, no idea" who, one is "the idea, but does not say" people. Treatment of the former, to tell them "no idea to work is not whatever she dry"; treatment which, to tell themselves "to find ways to create a culture, a way to get everyone say what the corporate culture" .

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